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Improving the standards of teaching abroad

Education is a key aspect of international development and through the work of our volunteers and targeted funds we aim to improve education in disadvantaged communities overseas.

In many areas the key concern is making education more accessible for children from underprivileged backgrounds. Elsewhere it is the quality of the education that must be addressed. We work with selected local community partners, NGOs and schools to address these concerns and issues with the aim of improving the quality of education available to the poorest sections of society.

Teaching in India

Teaching in India

In almost all cases the focus of our volunteer work is to improve the standards of written and spoken English at the projects where we work. Volunteers get involved with a variety of activities from teaching at a nursery school all the way through to teaching at a secondary level. Through our different programmes we are able to use volunteers with a range of skills and experience. Gap Year volunteers can work through our GapGuru programme, while those with more experience and wanting to teach English abroad can join a programme with Inspire. We even run a programme for teachers to use their holidays to volunteer abroad called Travelling to Teach. Our group programmes allow university students to fundraise for the charity and use their summer holidays to improve the infrastructure at some of the schools where we work.

We also support our partner projects abroad through our Education Grants Programme which can administer small targeted funds in a number of ways. It can subsidise the school fees of students who cannot afford them or even sponsor and train teachers at our partner schools. In some cases the Foundation’s financial support can also help improve the existing infrastructure and facilities at partner schools, with the aim of improving the quality of education that children receive.

Overall our education support now reaches over 12,000 children worldwide. In conjunction with the teaching assistance provided by a FutureSense volunteer abroad, an education grant and investment in infrastructure we can help to provide an invaluable education for children from underprivileged backgrounds.

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