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Educational Support
Livelihood Support
Child Welfare Support
Creating and supporting sustainable livelihoods

Poverty, illiteracy, dependency and inequality present some of the biggest challenges facing charity organisations and international development agencies the world over.

Volunteer Abroad in Tanzania

Volunteer Abroad

All of these issues affect livelihoods and our Livelihood Grant Programme aims specifically at those affected by issues surrounding HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS devastates communities across Africa and many families lose husbands and fathers, leaving their livelihoods in jeopardy. Through our voluntary work and livelihood grants we provide financial support and advice to help these people build sustainable livelihoods, giving them the chance to feed themselves and live a life of dignity.

Secure livelihoods are essential to community development, and our livelihood grants work in conjunction with charity volunteers to enable families to set up small, sustainable businesses. This can be achieved with grants as small as £50, giving widows the resources to support their children and plan for the future.

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