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Educational Support
Livelihood Support
Child Welfare Support
Volunteer to support community development

The FutureSense Foundation promotes community development through a range of programmes that provide financial support and manpower for volunteer projects overseas.

Volunteer Work Tanzania

Teaching in Tanzania

Our charity work relies on donations of time and money from volunteers and other generous individuals and we strive to deploy these resources in areas where the need is greatest.

Our programmes cover a range of development issues, providing education support, livelihood support and child welfare support, as well as support in other areas, such as conservation. Because each of these areas requires a different approach and because every community we work in is different, our development work can take various forms.

The Foundation’s financial support can fund grants for underprivileged families and individuals or it can be invested in community infrastructure and facilities. However, our financial support is often most effective when combined with the contributions of gap year and career break travellers working on volunteer projects overseas.

Through volunteer work and fundraising we can help to improve education, livelihoods and child welfare in some of the poorest regions of the world.

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