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Get involved in the charity on your gap year through GapGuru

Gap Year with GapGuru

GapGuru is a gap year specialist offering a wide range of exciting volunteer, travel and internship opportunities across Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. GapGuru offer a variety of programmes that support the FutureSense Foundation and provide volunteers for our projects.

Joining one of their gap year programs is your opportunity to discover new countries and cultures, to meet new people and immerse yourself in local communities. Volunteers work in underprivileged communities, helping those in genuine need, while building their own skills, confidence and experience.

GapGuru programmes last from 2 weeks to 12 months and are carefully selected and supported by UK and in-country teams. Their comprehensive pre-departure briefing and personalised service ensures that you make the most of your gap year experience, giving you the chance not just to travel, but to journey with a purpose and support the Foundation while you are at it!

How you can get involved


Volunteer TeachingTeaching
As an investment in the future, education is often the most effective long-term solution to poverty. By teaching English abroad or supporting community education you can help underprivileged communities in inner city and remote rural areas.



With so many families struggling against poverty, child welfare is often neglected. Orphans and children with disabilities are the most vulnerable members of society and voluntary work can help provide invaluable support.



Widespread poverty is reflected in low living standards which easily leads to a range of health problems. Volunteer abroad and help those worst affected through volunteer programs with orphans and the disabled.



With livelihood support roles in a range of international volunteering locations across Africa and Asia we give you the chance to get involved in issues ranging from vocational training for HIV/AIDS sufferers to women’s empowerment through business grants and support.



With global warming continuing apace, conservation work grows in importance. In the developing world lack of funding is the biggest obstacle. Our volunteer conservation projects give you the chance to safeguard the future of endangered animals and environments.



Make a difference during your gap year by supporting community development in some of the world’s poorest countries. As a community volunteer you can get involved in a diverse range of issues, from women’s empowerment and helping disabled children, to teaching abroad.


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