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We frequently have position openings working in our 6 country teams around the world. A career with the FutureSense Foundation, we believe, is a rewarding and unique opportunity. Our philosophy is to make a long-term, sustainable and ethical impact in the countries where we work, in close collaboration with our community partners. The job openings available predominantly involve overseas and international development opportunities.

Fundraising & Marketing Manager

The job purpose for the Fundraising & Marketing Manager is to grow the income for the charity by: 

  • Identifying, cultivating and managing high level strategic alliances with key partners donors and supporters.
  • Create new funding streams.
  • Provide effective marketing & communications, involving building our brand, organisational narrative and positioning.
If you’re interested in this role, please download the below job description. To apply, email [email protected] with a copy of your CV and cover letter. 

Fundraising & Marketing Manager – Job Description

Volunteer Mentor Programme Coordinator position

Our most common position opening is for the Volunteer Mentor Programme Coordinator (VMPC) role. This position involves helping our Country Operations Manager/s in coordinating programmes and volunteers in the areas of education and child welfare, income generation and livelihoods and health and well-being. In some cases there is potential for longer term employment in one our overseas locations. This exciting opportunity will allow considerable responsibility; an amazing opportunity to travel to work with our projects and the chance to gain invaluable experience in the NGO sector. The VMPC role generally runs for 3-4 months over a June-August or November-February period. If you’re interested in this role, read the attached document and apply using the instructions on the last page.

VMPC Job Description – Int’l Dev