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Community development supporting HIV sufferers

Volunteer in Tanzania

The FutureSense Foundation runs a unique HIV grants programme in Tanzania, which utilises volunteer work and charity fundraising to help families affected by HIV to build sustainable livelihoods.

Support Livelihoods in Tanzania

Livelihoods in Tanzania

The grants are used to set up small local businesses that generate income for widows, allowing them to support themselves and their families and removing them from dependency.

The programme is supported by individuals volunteering in Tanzania, who utilise their skills and experience to help the local management and delivery team, as they support families from disadvantaged backgrounds to set up small businesses. With over 300 families having received livelihood support, this business development scheme continues to expand and harness the potential of local communities.

This year the Foundation has raised over £10,000 to support community development through this grants scheme. If you are interested in working as a volunteer abroad you can lend your skills to this programme and help some of the poorest communities in Africa.

Improving education through volunteer teaching

Education is a top priority for the Tanzanian government, with primary school having been made mandatory for children across the country.

Unfortunately the country’s infrastructure is unable to support the government’s aspirations and high class sizes and poor teacher-student ratios create a real need for volunteers teaching in Tanzania.

Teaching in Tanzania

Teaching in Tanzania

FutureSense volunteer work supports government schools and seeks to identify schools run by progressive head teachers, where additional resources can make a meaningful difference to the quality of education provided.

With the help of charity fundraising and individuals who volunteer abroad, the FutureSense Foundation supports a number of initiatives in Northern Tanzania such as the introduction of a Football programme designed to keep young boys off the streets and out of trouble in the evenings.

To get involved with volunteering in Tanzania and to help give children a brighter future through education, please get in touch with us today.

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