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Volunteer work supporting children in Romania

Volunteer in Romania

The Foundation supports a number of vulnerable communities in rural Romania, through charity fundraising and gap year and career break volunteers.

The combination of a lack of social welfare, poor levels of education and limited career opportunities mean that regions such as Transylvania suffer from high levels of poverty and ill health.

Childcare Romania

Volunteering Abroad

Despite its entry to the EU in 2007, Romania faces a number of social and economic issues characteristic of developing nations. Romania has struggled to recover from the hardships of a harsh communist regime and the recent economic downturn has made long-standing issues of underdevelopment and poverty even worse.

Those volunteering abroad with FutureSense help by working in care homes run by NGOs or local government agencies, which target orphaned children and those whose families are unable to care for them.

Alongside charity volunteer work, the Foundation has provided funds for the renovation of these homes and has contributed to a village regeneration scheme for youths living with mental and physical disabilities in remote areas.

International development benefits from the input of even short-term volunteers, so please get in touch to participate on our childcare, teaching and summer camp programmes.

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