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Volunteer in Nepal

FutureSense works with government and NGO-run schools in rural Nepal, as well as with some pioneering education centres in Kathmandu.

Across the country there is a severe lack of learning resources, making education a clear priority for government and international development agencies.

Despite its popularity as a tourist destination Nepal remains one of the least developed nations in the world. Life expectancy is very low and half of the population lives below the absolute poverty line. The country’s lack of infrastructure and natural resources also mean that it is heavily reliant on foreign aid and volunteering work.

Teaching in Nepal

Teaching in Nepal

The provision of education, childcare and healthcare are of particular concern, making them areas where voluntary work can make a real difference. Although the past 50 years have seen a dramatic expansion in Nepalese community facilities, access to them has not improved equally across the country.

Gap year and career break volunteers on our GapGuru and Inspire Volunteering programmes add great value to the schools where they work and form strong bonds with local communities.

The FutureSense Foundation is committed to improving the quality of teaching in Nepal and supports a number of schools by providing assistance to recruit teachers and structuring new programmes for child development.

You can help us make a difference either as a volunteer in Nepal, or as a fundraiser for the Foundation. Your financial support can contribute to the delivery of education programmes on the ground, helping us to assist those who need it most.

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