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Educational Support
Livelihood Support
Child Welfare Support
Supporting communities and helping children

Volunteer in India

FutureSense partners a local Bangalore-based NGO that is committed to helping children from vulnerable communities to develop life skills.

Our volunteer work has helped to support several programmes ranging from arts and craft workshops to sports coaching schemes. These volunteer projects aim to help children from the poorest backgrounds, and those living in slums and shelters, to develop the skills necessary for a brighter future.

Community Development India

Community Development

Our charity fundraising strategies provide financial support that helps to run and expand these programmes, as well as contributing to building a pioneering life skills centre in Bangalore. Last year, with the help of supporters in the UK and the ECB U18 team’s visit to Bangalore, we helped raise a total of £20,000, helping to take this excellent work forward.

This year we are continuing our support for community development and the Life Skills Centre in Bangalore and have a large number of supporters joining the British 10K run in London on July 11th 2010.

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved and join us on the run or support our fundraising efforts.

Volunteer teaching and learning support
Volunteer Work India

Volunteer Work India

Education is a key aspect of our community development work overseas and volunteer teaching is one of the most popular areas for individuals wanting to volunteer in India.

FutureSense works with inner city schools run by local NGOs, as well as with rural community schools that work in areas where children have limited access to education.

The FutureSense Foundation runs a number of initiatives to complement volunteer work at local projects. We aim to match our charity fundraising to specific needs and have supported the development of basic infrastructure, run holiday programmes, provided scholarships to children who cannot afford to attend school, and contributed to teachers’ salaries.

Our community development partners are always looking for additional support and welcome returned volunteers who are keen to get involved with fundraising. Through a range of volunteer projects you can help us to improve the quality of education in this fast developing economy.

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