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Youth development initiatives in Peru

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FutureSense Foundation works with schools and local health organizations to deliver youth empowerment programmes within the Sacred Valley

Peru, over the past twenty years, has seen rapid economic growth. Nevertheless, extreme poverty still remains in the Sacred Valley region that we support.

Community Development Peru

Volunteering Work

The Sacred Valley is a gateway for Machu Picchu and offers visitors a diverse and rich cultural heritage that remains from ancient Incan times. However, currently only a select few members of the local population are able to benefit from this recent influx of tourism. Agriculture is the main source of income for the population of the Sacred Valley and thus when drought and flooding occurs many families are rendered with little to no sources of income to provide for their families. Our programmes are, therefore, aimed at engaging the youth in education to create empowered and forward thinking members of today’s society.

Volunteers are required in Peru to support our growing number of programmes and partner projects that provide hope and revitalize communities.

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