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Cambodia Livelihood Grants Rounds

Our work is in happening in heart of the local community in Battambang .The grants rounds help break poverty cycles by aiming to help HIV/AIDS infected or affected individuals set up small businesses through the provision of charitable grants and continued mentioning and support. Working closely with local entrepreneurs and nurturing their skills and confidence can be an incredible in enabling them to become self sufficient and lead a life of dignity by starting to provide for their families.

Tanzania HIV Grants – click to expand – Daraja Mbili, November 2012

Daraja Mbili is a small village south-east of the centre of Arusha. Most of the houses are huts made from mud and wood. In the summer and dry seasons, water becomes scarce and approximately 10% of the population have an electricity supply in their homes.

Tanzania HIV Grants – click to expand – Kishimundo, October 2012

Nestled in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, Kishimundo is an unimposing town that’s easy to miss on the dala ride up from Moshi. The area is incredibly poor, with most people living in wood and mud huts with no electricity, no running water, and very few resources.

Tanzania HIV Grants – click to expand – Ilboro, August 2011

Ilboro is an impoverished region of northern Tanzania where many women suffer either directly or indirectly from HIV, and struggle to support their families. The FutureSense Foundation targeted the area as a region where small business grants could make a real difference to people’s lives.