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Elliot Sharod, Children’s Activity Leader

Elliot Sharod, Childrens Activity Leader, Cambodia .

Stuart Breese, Volunteer teacher in Cambodia.

My name is Stuart, I am currently a volunteer teacher in Cambodia, and it is one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I am currently on my second trip to Cambodia, having first come to Cambodia in August 2012. I had spent the last few years following a career path I had not envisaged, whilst all the time fantasising about fulfilling a dream to travel and see the world.

Chrysalis School – Group Volunteer Work in Tanzania

In 2009, a group of students from Chrysalis boarding school in Montana visited Tanzania as part of a cultural, volunteer and adventure travel programme. Students worked at Kaloleni primary school on the outskirts of Moshi, where they set about improving the school environment for local students.

With help from local staff and students, the Chrysalis volunteers repainted classrooms and repaired cracked floors, improved the on-site accommodation and helped to install a new football goal. Working alongside local children, they even managed to teach them some English words and learnt some Swahili in return!