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Educational Support
Livelihood Support
Child Welfare Support
Supporting community development around the world

The FutureSense Foundation is a charity registered in the UK (Charity No. 1132101) that supports community development in some of the poorest regions of the world.

We partner and work with over 100 non-profit organisations to support volunteer work across four continents. Our charity work targets education, child welfare and livelihoods as a means to address a range of development issues.

The FutureSense Foundation is a charity fundraising organisation, which provides financial support for community development projects overseas. Through its collaboration with other FutureSense brands, the Foundation also provides human resources in the form of career break and gap year volunteers. With an emphasis on meaningful and responsible volunteering abroad, the FutureSense Foundation supports marginalised individuals and communities by:  

Volunteer Work

Childcare in India

  • Improving education
  • Relieving poverty
  • Helping create sustainable and secure livelihoods
  • Improving the transfer of vocational and entrepreneurial skills
  • Addressing issues related to health and HIV/AIDS
  • Promoting child welfare
  • Empowering people living with disabilities
  • Enabling voluntary participation and cultural exchange

The resources that the FutureSense Foundation provides for volunteer work overseas are distributed in a number of ways. As well as providing committed volunteers to support our charity work on the ground, we help to build infrastructure for schools and community centres, and can provide direct financial assistance through grants.  

More information on our education grants, livelihood grants, child welfare support and other charity volunteering can be found in Our Programmes.  

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